Karen Turner PHD | Scurvy-Like Vitamin C Deficiency: The Real Culprit in Heart Attack?
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Scurvy-Like Vitamin C Deficiency: The Real Culprit in Heart Attack?

Scurvy-Like Vitamin C Deficiency: The Real Culprit in Heart Attack?

Psychological Article on Elderly Problems: Vitamin C and Heart Health

Psychological Article on Elderly Problems: Vitamin C and Heart Health

By Joey for Boomeryearbook.com

According to what recent psychological articles have stated, unlike most other living creatures, the human body does not manufacture collagen, Collagen is what the body needs to repair blood vessels.

Repeated episodes of stress causes arteries to expand (flushed face when you are angry or upset) and then contract. Done too frequently (frequent stress points), this leads eventually to cracked and weakened arteries.

The brain does not like cracked arteries which threaten its existence so it rushes to repair those cracks. For this, it needs copious amounts of collagen.

Since, unlike most species, humans do not manufacture their own collagen, when faced with an emergency such as an artery which is weakening, and knowing it can’t wait until the host has a few oranges etc., the body grabs a substitute from its all-purpose repair kit. The repair tool it grabs is plaque. The body repairs arterial cracks with plague. Since that plaque is then found at the site of a failed or collapsed artery, doctors were quick to decide plaque causes heart attacks. But this is not true.

In 2002, researchers at the University of North Carolina found that vitamin C deficiency “severely compromises collagen deposition and induces a type of plaque morphology that is potentially vulnerable to rupture.” In other words, the cause of most heart attacks is vitamin C deficient stress, which over over time causes arteries to become weak (repeated expansion and retraction) and then collapse. If the body had a sufficient supply of natural collagen, it could do the necessary repair work correctly instead of using plaque but since it doesn’t, it can’t.

The purpose of all this is to tell you that all adults, beginning around age 30, should begin adding Vitamin “C” to their diets on a daily basis. Since Vitamin “C” can only be absorbed at a rate of about 500 mg an hour (give or take a little), people need to take 500 mg Vitamin “C” tablets scattered through the day at least one hour apart. For most adults if taken regularly about 2,000 mg daily is fine give or take a little. But since collagen is not retained in the body, it needs to be replenished regularly. Now this:

“And here’s the shocker . . .

This Scurvy-Like Vitamin C Deficiency Could
Be the Real Cause of Heart Disease

and so on………

Yes, lack of Vitamin C is the culprit.

We at Boomer Yearbook believe knowledge is power and will continue to bring you updates on this important subject.

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