Karen Turner PHD | Self-hypnosis for boomers to cure skin problems
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Self-hypnosis for boomers to cure skin problems

Self-hypnosis for boomers to cure skin problems

Self-hypnosis for boomers to cure skin problems

Self-hypnosis for boomers to cure skin problems

by BoomerYearbook.com

Our skin reflects our state of mind. You must have noticed how your face turns red when you are really angry or how people comment on your dull looking skin when you are upset or compliment you for your glowing skin when you are happy! While these effects may be temporary, deep rooted feelings, either negative or positive, can have long term effects on our skin. However, this does not mean that all skin problems are a result of negative emotions; some might have medical causes as well. But if your skin is not responding to medications, then there is a possibility that either your negativity is hampering your recovery or your problem is the result of your deep rooted negative emotions. Self-rejection, self-loathing, stress, anxiety, negative self-talk and low self-esteem are feelings which typically cause skin problems.

How to overcome your skin problems?

Just like a long held habit becomes a part of our unconscious behavior, similarly long held thinking patterns also become a part of our behavior. We don’t even realize when we slip into a negative thinking or self-loathing mode. Our habit of worrying ourselves to death about the smallest problems or getting stressed over trivial issues comes naturally to us. Our subconscious directs our “natural” instincts. Therefore to alter what has become our “natural” behavior”, we need to influence our subconscious. Self- hypnosis is one way through which we can communicate with our subconscious.

The following self-hypnosis exercises can help in altering long held-behavior and thinking patterns:

Exercise 1-Simple self hypnosis exercise to release stress:

· Step 1-Lie down on your bed/a mat or the floor

· Step 2-Deep breathe

· Step 3-Focus on your breath and imagine that you breathing in light and energy with every in- breath and breathing out all your stress and anxiety with every out-breath

· Step 4-Now imagine a beam of white light entering your body through the top of your head

· Step 5-Let the white light travel to every part of your body, dissolving all your stress and anxiety

· Step 6-Now imagine that the light is leaving your body from the soles of your feet

· Step 7-You will find yourself feeling lighter

· Step 8-Relax

· Step 9- Slowly open your eyes

Self Hypnosis exercise for self acceptance:

Repeat Exercise 1 till step 8

Step9-Visualize yourself the way you look right now

Step 10-Tell this image of yourself “I love and accept you the way you are”

Step 11-Now embrace this image

Step 12-Relax

Step 13-Slowly, open your eyes

Self hypnosis exercise for adopting a positive attitude and building confidence and releasing negative emotions causing skin problems

Repeat exercise 1 till step 8

Step 9-Visualize your skin clearing

Step 10-See your blemishes/pimples/hive/eczema disappearing

Step 11-See your skin glowing

Step 12-Stay with this image for as long as you want

Step 13-Relax

Step 14- Slowly, open your eyes

Self hypnosis communicates with your mind in the language it understands, the language of visuals. These exercises influence your subconscious mind and re-program it to adopt positive thinking patterns.

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