Karen Turner PHD | Sex with Younger People: Boomers Bridging the Gap
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Sex with Younger People: Boomers Bridging the Gap

Sex with Younger People: Boomers Bridging the Gap

Boomer Sex: Does Age Matter?

Boomer Sex: Does Age Matter?

By Boomeryearbook.com

As middle and older age creep up on us, the sexual habits that formed a good part of our early life suddenly present a problem, especially for people who have been bereaved and lost a partner who shared a sexual routine over many years. The sexual preferences that pleased a long term marriage partner might not necessarily satisfy a new sexual partner; they might even be distasteful.

The shock of discovering a younger partner without inhibitions, with a desire to be ravaged doggy style in the back yard dressed in fishnets, can be an education for a man now in the late stages of middle age, accustomed to sexual enjoyment with a wife now gone who habitually enjoyed the missionary position, with the lights strictly off and Mantovani gently serenading on the bedside locker.

Stepping through the time barrier can be scary for baby boomers. Being responsible for sexual liberation in the sixties does not necessarily mean all baby boomers are studs with a sexual repertoire to rival the Kama Sutra. Elderly bones and joints are sometimes a little less capable of dealing with sexual athletics and often gentle sex is preferred twice weekly rather than twice nightly.

Women who seek the company of younger men are often looking for a handsome escort, an active sexual partner and someone to dance with. Now and then women tire of being constantly in the company of men who are also baby boomers and want someone who is fit and strong enough to perform a little DIY around the house and some TLC in the bedroom.

Younger women who display a preference for older men might do so because older men popularly have more self control in bed than a younger partner. Young women who are particularly self motivated sexually will certainly appreciate an older man’s ability to wait for an orgasm until his partner has achieved satisfaction. Baby boomers were in fact more active sexually in their youth than any other generation and in the days before the HIV virus and AIDS awareness, multiple sexual partners were accepted as the norm.

Men who are baby boomers, now in middle age, might have more sexual experience to offer than a man now in his twenties could expect to gain over his lifetime. Some younger women find this sexual know-how intensely attractive.

The sexual habits of teenagers and people in their early twenties are now far more reserved than teenagers in the sixties; the risk of sexually transmitted diseases rules out the kind of experimental and unprotected sex enjoyed by many of the baby boomer generation. Perhaps this is the reason why so many younger women are happy with older men; the older man brings the slow hand of experience to the bedroom, while younger men are too excited to provide satisfaction to their partners and fare better with older women.

For people who are considering having a relationship with a younger partner but worry about the consequences, reservations are usually overcome by lust!

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