Karen Turner PHD | Sexuality for Baby Boomers
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Sexuality for Baby Boomers

Sexuality for Baby Boomers

Boomers: Not too old for sex

Boomers: Not too old for sex

By Boomeryearbook.com

The acknowledgement that sexual activity takes place between members of the baby boomer generation usually draws comments like, “Ew, gross…” or “Must we have this discussion…?” from younger friends and members of the family.

Well, get over it kids because guess what…? Baby boomers enjoy a sexual relationship as much as and sometimes a whole lot more than anyone else. And coming from a generation of sexual rebels, many of them are a lot better at it than some of their younger successors in the bedroom department.

The late fifties and sixties saw the sexual revolution that produced rock and roll and free love. The baby boomers who were around seventeen or eighteen when Woodstock shook the world are now in their late eighties and probably still rocking a trailer somewhere as we speak!

Sexual freedom is not something a person grows out of. Someone who enjoyed a liberated and active sex life in their early twenties is probably not going to have changed his or her habits much to comply with someone else’s idea of how elderly ladies and gentlemen should conduct themselves.

Baby boomers have an ingrained ability to do the exact thing they want to do at the exact moment they choose to do it and sometimes sexual activity between older partners is remarkably frequent considering that many of their physical capabilities have been compromised by aching joints and worn out muscles.

Occasionally, however, people who have spent the best part of thirty or forty years with a long term companion or spouse suddenly find themselves alone and exploring the possibilities of finding another sexual partner, not only to gratify physical needs but also to provide social activity and companionship. Women tend to find the transition from long term wife, mother and grandmother to prospective girlfriend significantly easier than baby boomer men who have been widowed or recently divorced. Considering that women mature earlier than men and display a greater resilience to grief, this is hardly surprising.

Aging boomers living within a family structure sometimes find their re-emergence into a new social life. If your grandmother or grandfather is trying to find someone to spend time with, a little understanding would not go amiss. Older people can find a new social life tiring and more than a little embarrassing when it must be played out before an audience of interested family members, giggling behind closed doors at the prospect of Grandpa getting his jollies with the widow around the corner.

Try to remember that to Grandpa, this is an important and serious matter. It is important to Grandpa that he does not humiliate himself before junior members of the family and that he retains his dignity. You might also remember that one day it will be your turn to remodel your life in older age and you might need a little love and understanding too.

Sexuality in middle and older age carries a freedom not experienced by younger members of society. As teenagers, the agonies of sexual experimentation impede enjoyment and later, producing children necessarily restricts access to sexual liberation. The aging baby boomer can enjoy greater sexual relaxation and possible greater pleasure as a result. Now there’s something to think about…

The Psychological Article on Sexuality for Baby Boomers is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of baby boomers psychological coaching tips and how to alleviate elderly problems. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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