Karen Turner PHD | The Dawn of the Detergent Market
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The Dawn of the Detergent Market

The Dawn of the Detergent Market

The Dawn of the Detergent Market

The Dawn of the Detergent Market

by BoomerYearbook.com

It remains unknown to many that the products they use in their day-to-day living can be traced back to the productive years of the baby boomers. They are reputable brands of different items that every homemaker turns to for the ease of managing household chores such as washing clothes or dishes.

The household brand “Tide” dates back to 1946 when it was introduced to a market that uses automatic washing machines. When the brand gained nationwide distribution in 1949, its popularity in the detergent market was not a surprise. Tide had already gained the recognition of “America’s Washday Favorite” when other competing brands such as Ivory Snow began its decline.

The ‘Tide’ that consumers know today is the ‘Tide’ that has been reconstructed over the years. In its incipient stage, ‘Tide’ was a white-powdered bead until it was transformed into an orange-tinted clear liquid in 1984. The recent years also saw the introduction of new ‘Tide’ formulations such as the dark blue, liquid ‘Tide’ and the clear ‘Tide Free’.

Even the logo of ‘Tide’ speaks directly to its consumers because of the logo’s attractive and attention-grabbing design. The orange-and-yellow brand identity logo is credited to industrial designer Donald Deskey, although today’s ‘Tide’ logo has undergone some slight alteration for ‘Tide’s’ fiftieth anniversary in 1996.

As a global brand, the ‘Tide’ formula uses different market names such as ‘Ace’ in Latin America and ‘Alo’ in Turkey. Despite the differing names, ‘Tide’ continues to dominate the detergent market and proves its stature after bagging an ACS National Historical Chemical Landmark.

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