Karen Turner PHD | The Power of Strong Women: Propping Up Your Man in the Bedroom
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The Power of Strong Women: Propping Up Your Man in the Bedroom

The Power of Strong Women: Propping Up Your Man in the Bedroom

Dear Boomer. Is your sex life normal?

Dear Boomer. Is your sex life normal?

Elderly Problems by Boomeryearbook.com

The popular belief is that men age so much more attractively than women and this, at times, is true. Women with elderly problems tend to go through middle age and the booming senior years vainly trying to turn back the clock; ironing out wrinkles with the help of endless beauty preparations and potions, looking for a miracle cure for Father Time. Men, on the other hand, annoyingly sport wrinkles the size of the Grand Canyon and look colorfully attractive; interesting; ‘lived in’.

Age lends a certain personality to good looks. Yet, time can play some cruel tricks and women who were drop dead gorgeous in youth may suddenly have a complexion like old cheese and develop bandy, or loose skinned legs. Men too can have age related physical losses including sagging pectorals, balding heads and sprouting an alarming crop of hair in the most unattractive and un-sexy places. All the physical developments that occur with age present us with new challenges to overcome both socially and in the bedroom.

At the precise moment when we find we have enough time on our hands to spend a few hours in bed in the afternoon with the object of our desire, erectile dysfunction can hit like a thunderclap and ruin the fun for both parties. The awkwardness that suddenly rears its ugly head between two people who until then enjoyed a completely uninhibited sex life without elderly problems can destroy all the passion and delight they have in each other.

For women who have spent a long career helping their man to build up a decent retirement fund and making a valuable contribution to his financial and emotional health, problems in the bedroom can be the last straw and make her unsympathetic in the extreme. Elderly problems of this kind are just the sort of glitch that can send a self respecting, intelligent and sexually healthy woman into the arms of someone quite unsuitable.

Women experiencing elderly problems with their partner that affect their sex lives should consider whether they are being entirely helpful. Any kind of behavior that displays a less than supportive attitude will render a sexual partner completely unable to overcome a problem and set recovery back weeks or months as they try to hide their inability to produce an erection. The next stage is that they will find any excuse not to have sex and from there the downward spiral continues, resulting in impotence and misery; all for the lack of a little gentle patience.

Yes, men are aggravatingly unable to cope with their male pride. Yes, they are generally over opinionated and critical of women’s sexual performance, yet display a complete shutdown when confronted with their own sexual limitations. Men are sensitive; far more so than women. If your man requires some sexual help, have the intelligence to get some advice and do whatever you have to do to help him overcome his difficulties. Find new ways to have sex that do not require erectile function and be patient.

The Psychological Article on The Power of Strong Women: Propping Up Your Man in the Bedroom is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of baby boomers psychological coaching tips and how to alleviate elderly problems. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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