Karen Turner PHD | The Reality of Lucid Dreaming
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The Reality of Lucid Dreaming

The Reality of Lucid Dreaming

Boomeryearbook's Psychological Articles: Lucid Dreaming

Dream Like Never Before

(Psychological Articles By Boomeryearbook.com)

Have you ever been dreaming and in your dream you become aware that you were actually in a dream?! Well, that means that you were having a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming, also known as dream consciousness, simply means that during a dream you are conscious and aware of the fact that you are dreaming. We have seen some examples in movies such as Vanilla Sky and Waking Life, and in dozens of psychological articles that research these phenomena. It can happen to anyone at anytime, and there is now an even larger body of scholarly and self-help psychological articles instructing us on ways to learn how to induce lucid dreams. Many may not know much about this topic, many may not be familiar with the body of psychological articles, but we at Boomer Yearbook believe it’s always great to learn more about how and why we dream.

Lucid Dreaming Exposed

As psychological articles reveal, the topic of dreaming continues to be one that is very popular. As Baby Boomers we may or may not have more time to sleep and this usually affects our dreaming patterns. The statistical consensus of psychological articles determines that lucid dreaming is considered different from other dreams because we are not usually aware of the fact that we are dreaming. Yet in lucid dreaming, there is typically some kind of clue in the dream that indicates to that person that they are dreaming; however, that is not always the case as the psychological articles and research reveal there are actually different levels of lucidity when dreaming. Some of us are naturally aware of when we are dreaming. The higher the lucidity the more you are aware that what you are experiencing is not real and therefore you do not need to fear. The lower the lucidity the less you are able to distinguish what is real and what is not real. Psychological articles concur that having high lucidity can also come in very handy when dealing with nightmares.


The body of research and psychological articles explain that there are many misconceptions about lucid dreaming. For example, a lucid dream is not the same as a controlling dream, because you will not necessarily have control of your dream just because it is lucid. It is rare, but there are some psychological articles that contend that lucid dreaming is not natural and may even be some form of witchcraft or occult activity. However, the overwhelming majority of theorists and psychological articles dispute this position. According to the preponderance of research documented in psychological articles, lucid dreaming is very natural and has nothing to do with anything demonic. It is simply being able to change your attitude in a dream because you know that it is only a dream and there is nothing to fear.

Grasping The Technique:

The body of psychological articles on the subject of grasping the technique involved in lucid dreaming informs us that the first step you must master is dream recall. Not just being able to remember a few things, but being able to remember in great detail. It takes lots of practice and motivation to enhance these skills, so do not get frustrated when it does not happen as soon as you would like. The next step expounded in the psychological articles is to attempt to induce lucid dreams. The length of time required to do this varies from person to person. One of the most common techniques explained in the psychological articles is the Reality Testing Technique; where the dreamer determines if they are dreaming by observing the world around them. If you come across something that you know cannot possibly be true then the preponderance of research in the psychological articles posits you will be able to realize that you are dreaming. There are a few other popular techniques that can be used to help with this. If you are interested in trying this form of dreaming I urge you to research the psychological articles on the subject and see if it is truly something you want to explore. You never know, it may reveal something about you that will knock your socks off!!

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