Karen Turner PHD | The Secret to Happiness
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The Secret to Happiness

The Secret to Happiness

The Secret to Happiness

The Secret to Happiness

By BoomerYearbook.com

Everyone wants to be happy! Money, relationships, power, success, fitness, meditation, spirituality, religion etc. are all ways through which we seek happiness, but happiness often turns elusive! Some of us spend an entire lifetime seeking it…exploring different ways of reaching it, sometimes we find it …at times it disappears before we can reach it!

Is there secret to happiness? A mysterious path that only a few are aware of? A path to happiness does exist, but it’s not mysterious, it’s a secret that we are all aware of subconsciously. There are three important milestones that lead to it.

Milestones of happiness

  • Live in the moment

Happiness lies in the moment, but very few of us actually live in the present. We either live planning for or worrying about the future or lose touch with the present while mentally dwelling in the past. If only we could live in the moment we would experience the joy of living. After all it’s only the present which is real. The future is unknown, it does not exist in the now. The past is long gone; its existence over. When you live in the moment you can laugh without worrying about what tomorrow will bring, you can work without thinking about the results; you can live without the fear of dying!

  • Be Happy now

Don’t postpone your happiness! Most of us bind our happiness in terms and conditions. We tell width=ourselves we’ll be happy once we have achieved this goal or fulfilled that wish. Yet, the moment we reach our desired goal, we set up a new one and tell ourselves that we’ll find happiness only when we reach the new goal and so on and on. We tempt ourselves with the promise of being happy but never keep our word. For instance, you may tell yourself, “God! Just let me get that job and I’ll be the happiest person in the world!” Fate favors you and you get the job, so you should be happy now, but alas! Happiness is not so simple for us humans. You’d probably then tell yourself “alright now that I have the job, I’ll be really happy once I get that promotion!” and the terms and conditions never end. To be happy, make a choice, of being happy now with whatever you have.

  • Appreciate life. Appreciate yourself

Envying others seems to be a long held habit! It starts from childhood and goes on for the rest of our lives. “Oh! He’s got a better toy!”. “Boohoo! She got better grades! ” “Damn! He got the job I wanted! “Their relationship seems so perfect, why can’t I have something like that!” “Their children visit them so often!” Cry, cry, cry, that’s all we do. We compare ourselves to others, see what they’ve got and spend a lifetime feeling sorry for ourselves. Truth is, no matter how much you’ve got there’ll always be someone who has more! Wouldn’t it be nicer if we accepted and appreciated what we have? Counting our blessings is a sure shot way to achieve happiness. Appreciate yourself for who you are, celebrate every little accomplishment, and celebrate every cherished relationship. Live in the Now, and you’ll find joy in every moment.

Happiness is not something that we need to chase, it lies within us. We have the power to make our lives beautiful; all that we need to do is to realize it.

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