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Usher in the Sparkles

Usher in the Sparkles

Boomer Yearbook is the numero uno destination for all things related to Boomers, and as part of that series, we have a range of articles on one of the passions of our lives – Wine!

In fact, wine isn’t just a passion of our generation; it has been around for a very long time now. But over the last fifty years or so, wine has grown from a common beverage to being a part and parcel of our lives. Every single occasion we have at home or outside, wine plays a major role. Our demand for good wine is insatiable, and though of a different grade from the French beauties, American wines also have been in great demand in our country.

The first part of that series is right here, and to start real happy, we’ve looked up some nice info about the sparkling variety.

Trivia – Did you know that Champagne is not a reference to all the sparkling varieties, but only to wines grown in the Champagne region of France? Over a period of time, this variety became so popular that Champagne could not fulfill the demand. So, other regions also started producing sparkling wines and they also popularly came to be called Champagne.

There are several vineyards in the USA, but one of the most popular has to be the region of California that is renowned over the world for its Rose wines. This kind of wine is made by using red grapes to make white wine! The wines of California are semi-sweet, and that is what makes them so popular with the ladies and with the younger generation of people. A survey confirmed that many boomers would prefer the older varieties of Whites and Reds, rather than the American wines. Which one do you prefer?

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