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Online Optical Illusions

Online Optical Illusions

Many people are reluctant to admit that they find optical illusions intriguing. When asked they may say they are no more than silly games. Actually that is not true as there is much psychological and philosophical underpinnings that make people see or not see the optical illusion.

Not all optical illusions create the same response. There are three different types.

1. Literal Optical illusions

These give you the concept that they are images that are different from the objects that make them.

2. Physiological illusions

Create a huge amount of stimulation between the eyes and the brain. For example, color movement brightness or tilt will create this effect.

3. Cognitive Illusions

Where subconscious or unconscious inferences are made regarding the picture or illusion

Ok enough of the technical stuff let’s have some fun with the above four pictures.

Picture 1: width=

Not so exciting. All I see is a big circle with a diamond in it. Do you see anything else?

Picture 2:

This is my favorite. It’s a very pretty scene. There are some things that are unique about it though. Can you figure out what they are? Jot down your answers before you check out the answers below.


Picture 3. width=

This one makes me dizzy just looking at it. Once again I don’t find this one all that intriguing. I have my own concept as to what it looks like to me. Now what does it look like to you? See my answer below, but don’t cheat. Answer the question first it’s more fun that way.

Picture 4.

This is my second favorite because it has humor to it. It’s just an average elephant right? Or is it? Check out


my response below.


Picture 1:

This was not a trick question; I personally do not see anything else in the picture other than what it is.

Picture 2:

As I said this is my favorite. That is a personal choice, as I myself love winter scenes. Which jumped out at you first? The muted gray backgrounds or the cute little deer standing in full color? Actually how many observations did you make about this picture? Here are my observations.

a. The small deer is in full color

b. The sawed off tree trunk is in full color

c. The background is in soft grays and muted whites

d. There is only snow accumulated on the evergreen tree

e. The most exciting is the large outline of the male deer. Look real close and you will see it. Or am I just seeing things?

Picture 3

I visualize this as a disorientated set of stairs that I am really glad I don’t have to walk up or down because they make me dizzy.

Picture 4:

Just how many legs does this old elephant have? My first count was 5, maybe 6, and then look again, it’s really only 4. Had you thinking for a minute though didn’t it

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