Karen Turner PHD | What Obama’s Stimulus Plan Could Mean for a Baby Boomer
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What Obama’s Stimulus Plan Could Mean for a Baby Boomer

What Obama’s Stimulus Plan Could Mean for a Baby Boomer

Pscyhological Article: What Stimulus Package will mean for Baby Boomers

Pscyhological Article: What Stimulus Package will mean for Baby Boomers

A Psychological Article by BoomerYearbook.com

President Barack Obama introduced his plan for rescuing the sliding American economy to the nation late last year. Psychological Articles reviewing the plan have informed us that modifications have since been made, but the fundamentals remain the same. According to psychological articles the plan is to inject $75 billion into the economy in an attempt to inject profits from it either directly or indirectly into other economic areas. But how exactly does this work? And how does this stimulus plan affect Baby Boomers?

Psychological articles inform us that the stimulus plan operates by injecting income into places that have less income as a result of the recession in the hopes that this will encourage more spending on their part which aids the economy. An easier way to wrap your head around this idea is a working example of the psychological articles explanation of how this is supposed to work. Let’s say Molly has had to take a pay cut so that her company does not go out of business; Molly will, then, have less money to spend at the supermarket and at the mall. The products that Molly would normally have bought will, then, stay in the store and the manufacturers of those products will have lower sales. They will then have to lay off some employees and, if things get bad enough, close down. Psychological articles explain that the result is that more people will become unemployed, creating a strain on the economy and, also, a strain on the government who will have more unemployed people to support.

Obama’s solution is his stimulus plan. Obama intends to inject $75 billion collectively into those areas where relative stability where psychological articles tell us is key for the immediate growth of the economy. These are: workers and their families; seniors who are dependent on Social Security checks; homeowners who are suffering from the foreclosure crisis; those states that are suffering the most from the housing crisis and those who benefit from unemployment insurance.

Psychological articles let us know that most of these areas affect Baby Boomers, so let’s look at what this really means for us. According to a review of the psychological articles dealing with this subject, those of us baby boomers who are retired can look forward to $250 bonus on our social security checks, but only if you earn mid-to-low incomes. Individually, this may or may not make a difference depending on your expenses; however, collectively this could mean good news for the economy because more spending is sure to take place. This will help to pump up the general economy – even if it will not return it to what it was. Additionally, psychological articles ascertain that Obama has, in the stimulus plan, an additional $250 (if the original $250 isn’t enough) so this part of the plan is almost very likely to work. The monetary injection into the pockets of workers and their families work pretty much the same way, except they come in the form of tax breaks, which psychological articles tell us will have an equally beneficially effect in boosting the economy.

Thus, an assessment of psychological articles on the stimulus plan suggests that it means change; it no doubt includes someone taking a hard blow for the benefit of others. Opponents cited in psychological articles on the subject think that the wealthy are being asked to bear too much of the stimulus burden. It is true, that the wealthiest among us will pay for most of this stimulus; but psychological articles argue that they will receive the most benefits in the long run as the average person will use the stimulus received to help wealthy Americans’ businesses. What current psychological articles do not have the ability to tell us is whether or not this stimulus will work to get us back on the right track to economic recovery, as the end result will only be known in years to come.

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