Karen Turner PHD | Wine – A Journey through the times – 1
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Wine – A Journey through the times – 1

Wine – A Journey through the times – 1

Wine has a history as old as civilization itself. Ever since people discovered the power of agriculture, some crude form of wine was available to them. In this two part series, Boomer Yearbook aspires to track the story of this wonderful beverage, which has become so important in our lives.

Early times – Like a lot of things, wine also was probably first used in China. There has been a lot of evidence that the ancient Chinese used their local grapes and fermented them along with rice to make a combination kind of a rice wine. This was around the year 7000 BC. But certainly the predecessor to our wine of today is the region of Iran and Georgia, which used our current grape – Vitis Vinefera – to make wine in the current form.

Trivia – In king Tut’s tomb in Egypt, there were 36 wine amphoras that were buried along with the young pharaoh. Five of them bore the name of the royal chief vintner!

Early times – However, the concept of crushed grapes came about several years later. Evidences of crude presses started appearing in archeological sites of the period. Prior to that, the only crushing that used to happen was with either people stomping on them, or even by cattle! That must sure have lent a special flavor to the wine J

Greece is the oldest known producer of wine as we know it, and around the year 4500 BC, people there started fine tuning the process of making wine. The Dionysian mysteries of around the year 3000 BC have recorded evidence of people partaking large quantities of wine to enter into a euphoric state, so they could perform religious practices of the time.

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