Karen Turner PHD | Wine – A Journey through the times – 2
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Wine – A Journey through the times – 2

Wine – A Journey through the times – 2

The Medieval Times – Actually, it is from the medieval times that wine started playing a major role in our lives. Prior to that, it was just an intoxicant (thanks to the large percentage of alcohol which was present back then) and a beverage for entertainment. The history of wine is inexorably entwined with the history of Christianity. Since wine is an integral part of celebrating mass, it was considered to be holy. In countries like Germany, beer was considered to be the beverage of the uncultured, and consumption of wine was considered to be a symbol of conversion to Christianity.

In France, monks used to make wine, and they used to store them in underground caves. That was probably what set off the tradition of storing wine in underground cellars, as they tend to age better and age well. The concept of using wooden casks also started during the same period, according to studies.

Modern Times – In the 20th century, several changes happened in the manufacture and usage of wine. Firstly, chemists started identifying the alcohol percentages in beverages, and that led to wine becoming more subtle and a drink that anyone could partake. The biggest change that has happened in the recent times is the improvement of bottling and storage techniques, that have led wines from around the world to be shipped in mint condition to our doorsteps. Another is the rise of the retail wine industry, which is what makes sure that we are able to buy the best wines at our corner store.

The Future – There have been several so called ‘experts’ who have made studies to show that the shortage of water and the global warming of the future will impact wine making around the world. Boomer Yearbook says none of that is going to happen – as humans have always found ways around crises. But the only real challenge appears to be preservation of the identity of small winemakers, as large corporations are taking over and nosing out small winemakers.

As boomers, we have started the entrepreneurial streak over the world. Let’s help preserve it.

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