Karen Turner PHD | Wine ‘n’ Weddings
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Wine ‘n’ Weddings

Wine ‘n’ Weddings

Wine ‘n’ Weddings

Wine ‘n’ Weddings

Wines are the ultimate beverage in our lives. And they play an integral part of every occasion we have in our lives – especially festive celebrations such as weddings.

The great American wedding is not complete without a whole range of super wines. Think back to a well done wedding well done and you will certainly remember what wines were served that day. A lot of conversations during the weddings are about the vintages of the wines that are served. So, our team at Boomer Yearbook spoke to wedding planners and couples across the country and this is what we came up with.

An evergreen favorite in weddings across the world is Chardonnay. Currently termed as the world’s favorite white wine, Chardonnay has some spectacular vintages and they are all equally good. Depending on the taste of the drinker, there will be a Chardonnay vintage that will fit the bill. Another very popular wedding white wine is Riesling. Crisper than Chardonnay, Riesling is another wine that specifically fits the ‘wedding’ scene.

And how can a wedding be termed complete without the beautiful reds being uncorked? According to a survey by an independent agency, the current favorites in the Reds category are Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. Especially the latter, as it lends a beautiful aura with its delectable pink color.

Now, whatever boomers have done, they have done it in style. Now that it is the time for our kids to get married, there are various themed weddings happening across the country; and wine is playing a very important part in all of them. Depending on the mood and the place, the chosen wines also are changing. Would you be surprised if we told you that Napa Valley and Martha’s Vineyards are booked choc-a-bloc as wedding destinations for the whole of next year? Now think about what a whimsical wedding moment a couple could have, instead of flowers hanging over their heads, there would be grapes! Bettcha no one would complain?

If you are thirsting for more Wine and Wedding theme ideas. Come join your friends at boomeryearbook.

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