Karen Turner PHD | Young at Heart but Frail in Spirit
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Young at Heart but Frail in Spirit

Young at Heart but Frail in Spirit

Elderly Problems: Young at Heart-Frail in Spirit

Elderly Problems: Young at Heart-Frail in Spirit

By Boomeryearbook.com

Elderly people experiencing the difficulties brought on by elderly problems late in life are often young at heart but unable to see the bright side of a situation when faced with the physical limitations that are an unavoidable part of getting old. Elderly problems come in a number of packages, none of which are particularly exciting but these problems need not be insurmountable.

Many people of advanced age are dependant on more able bodied specimens for survival, which sometimes causes feelings of low self esteem. Nobody likes to depend on others in their day to day routine and having to rely on the services of other people can sometimes push elderly problems to a more serious level.

Most people who require help due to elderly problems need only a little assistance with things like shopping and driving or clinic visits. In cases such as these, the brief companionship provided as a sideline to the assistance afforded is often welcome and even looked forward to. However, for those suffering with more serious elderly problems that require a more invasive form of help, frailty can be a worrying and debilitating condition.

A large number of the elderly who fall into this group already live in environments where such help is extended on a professional basis. Extreme elderly problems are managed by trained personnel in professional environments and frequent assessments are made to ensure that management is fully appraised in the latest techniques to deal with frailty and the breakdown of the ageing mind.

In a home situation, however, elderly problems of this kind are sometimes hard to handle. Personal involvement can interfere with the ability to take the proper steps to ensure a family member achieves the right level of assistance.

The temptation to spoil and over-cuddle someone you love and feel compassion for is irresistible in a case where a home care arrangement has been chosen over professional intervention. Elderly problems do not always require 24/7 nursing: sometimes, the frail spirit requires a little encouragement to sustain alacrity. A sociable environment can work wonders on an ageing mind and make life worth living for those confined to a world of limited social interaction.

The young at heart will usually find a way to conquer elderly problems, even in a closed and insular environment. Many elderly people are forced into solitude within a family unit because younger family members are out working or at school or doing what human beings do when living a life. If your Grandmother or Grandfather is young at heart but frail in spirit and body, try to invest some energy in shortening the lonely hours: it will be your turn one day.

The Psychological Article on Young at Heart but Frail in Spirit is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of coaching suggestions on how to alleviate elderly problems. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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