Karen Turner PHD | A Boomer’s Spring Break
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A Boomer’s Spring Break

A Boomer’s Spring Break

Baby Boomers Spring Break

Baby Boomers Spring Break

By Boomeryearbook.com

Unless you’re still living in the 60s, the idea of reveling on the sand with loud, drunk half-naked college students doesn’t quite appeal to you anymore. But you don’t have to retire the habit of going on vacation for spring break just yet. After all, who passes up the chance to de-stress and get away from the hassles of your day to day life? Here are some options:

The tropical island is diverse in what it offers to travelers. Negril has seven miles of white sand beach as well as astonishing sea views on the west end cliffs; Montego Bay promises both exciting nightlife as well as unlimited water sport activities; Portland is famous for its lagoons and small private beaches and watering holes and; Ocho Rios has several attractions including Dolphin’s Cove, Dunn’s River Falls and Mystic Mountain where you can experience bobsledding.
Many hotels are all-inclusive and provide you with cultural and historical sightseeing tours of the island. The spa services offered are unique and reflect the tropical atmosphere; golfing and horseback riding are also leisurely options. You can also go white-riving rafting or tubing on the roaring river if you’re more daring. There are underground caves for you to explore, or if you prefer, you can discover the beautiful Blue Mountains where views are breathtaking; service is exclusive and the dining is stellar.

This very small island is unique in what it offers to travelers. Fashioned after the countryside in England (thus getting its name Little London), Barbados offers quaint accommodations for those who want to relax and take things slowly in a home away from home with personalized service in the interior of the island. On the coast, you will find exquisite dining and the chance to rent properties that give you your own piece of the beach for the duration of your stay. With staff trained to cater to your every need, service will be the last thing on your mind.

Destin, Florida
Try to remember that feeling you got when you headed to Florida for your first spring break with friends, then erase all the screaming drunk college kids and the too-packed hotels. This is what Destin is- that same beauty with emerald waters and ‘sugary’ sand but with sophisticated dining and shopping; numerous activities; parks; affordable lodging and; quiet when you need it. Destin is the spot for the adult spring break, and the good news is you don’t have to go too far to get there.

Puerto Vallarte, Mexico
Mexico! What more is there to say? Your dollar will stretch here so that’s a few extra bucks in your pocket. All-inclusive hotels are your best bet as you are not guaranteed English-speaking service otherwise. The culture, the beaches, the food will sweep you off your feet. This is a very romantic place to really slow things down and unwind.
The economic crisis, though severely affecting the choices you make daily may also present some unique opportunities to give you an experience of a lifetime- many of these destinations are offering discounts. If you plan wisely and do some research to ensure that you’re getting the best deals possible, a spring break getaway may even cost you less than what you pay to operate your home, your car and eat over that period.
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