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Anti – Aging the Boomer Way

Anti – Aging the Boomer Way

Anti – Aging the Boomer Way

Anti – Aging the Boomer Way

by BoomerYearbook.com

If you’re a baby boomer, then you’re one of those who have helped reach the $4 billion-mark a year in skin and body care expenditures alone! Four billion dollars is an enormous amount, more so because it’s spent solely on beauty and skin products! With plenty of beauty products and treatments available, what exactly do boomers spend on, and how many boomers do it?

Spa treatments like facials, scrubs and massages take the top spot with roughly 8 million female and 3 million male boomers a year. After all, who can say no to rejuvenating and relaxing at the same time? Next in line are skin care products and treatments (mostly anti – aging). About 5.5 million women and almost 2 million men buy skin care products. Unlike spa treatments, these products last longer but because they’re DYI, you don’t get the luxury of having someone else apply/lather/soap/scrub them on you.

Teeth whitening comes in at third with 4.8 million women and 3.5 million men followed by hair removal (waxing, bleaching and threading – ouch!). The same estimate numbers of women have their hairs removed and waxed, but only around 700,000 men do it. Well, they only have facial hair to worry about, don’t they? Around 600,000 women and 100,000 men have Botox and collagen treatments. The numbers of women who opt to have plastic surgeries are roughly the same as the number of women who have Botox or collagen treatments done, but the number of men is higher by a few hundred thousand. Who knew?

What do these facts say? This means that millions of baby boomers (people born between the years 1946 to 1964, or those who are now between the ages of 62 and 44) are willing, and are actually spending their money in order to look young and feel young! Talk about anti – aging frenzy!

Many boomers take spa treatments, skin care products and hair removal as their treatment of choice, but still a substantial number are willing to spend extremely large amounts on expensive treatments such as plastic surgery, collagen and Botox treatment.

So whether you’re contemplating surgery but are having second thoughts about it because you think the cost is a bit ridiculous, or feeling guilty because you’re scrimping on skin care by getting the basic anti – aging set found at local drugstores, here’s one thing to think about it – you aren’t alone.

So baby boomer, in the race to age naturally, gracefully and as beautifully as possible, where do you stand?

Want to learn more helpful tips or on how to age beautifully and naturally, or do you have some tips to share? Come and visit www.boomeryearbook.com, to learn more and connect with other boomers. Boomers changed the world! We’re not done yet.

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