Karen Turner PHD | Boomers, Say Goodbye To The Turkey Neck!
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Boomers, Say Goodbye To The Turkey Neck!

Boomers, Say Goodbye To The Turkey Neck!

Non-Invasive Thermage Treatment

Non-Invasive Thermage Treatment

Non-Invasive Neck Lifts are Here!!

By Boomeryearbook.com

As a child, you may have watched in horror and amusement as the neck of your ‘very old’ schoolteacher jostled about as she scolded you for something or other. A couple years later (almost a lifetime if you will admit it), you scream in horror as you look at your own neck bouncing about in the mirror. You no longer have to pinch the skin under your chin; its elasticity has retired to some other part of your body.

You need a neck lift, but you really are not a fan of going under the knife. The process of recovery and bruising and outpatient care isn’t the least bit attractive. Well, here’s the scoop you’ve been waiting for: non-invasive procedures that actually make a significant difference in your appearance.

If you’re thinking that it’s time to take the steps, here are a few options you should explore:

· Therma-Laser Lift: This is a procedure that incorporates the pulsed light of a laser with radio-frequencies. Relatively new, it is becoming increasingly popular as it not only helps your body to produce collagen thereby tightening the skin but it also improves the skin’s texture by reducing redness, blotchiness and those brown age spots. There is no bruising or bleeding and best of all the system uses smart software that customizes the treatment for your specific skin cells. Pretty smooth right?

· Titan Face/Neck Lift: This procedure is probably the one with the most long-lasting results. It works by contracting the skin’s collagen using light directed on precise areas, while simultaneously cooling the area. Redness, scarring and bruising is minimal and very rarely occur, and the doctors claim that there is virtually no down-time. What is remarkable about the Titan lift is that it encourages the skin to keep producing collagen over a long period thus keeping the skin fresh and renewed time and time again. That’s what you call an investment worth paying for!

· Thermage: This is a product/procedure made popular by ‘Oprah’ that uses radio-frequency energy to stimulate new collagen production. The fine lines and wrinkles decrease over time as new collagen is made in your skin, while tightening and contracting making your jowls virtually disappear. Bruising is minimal and there is relatively no scarring or recovery time. This is perhaps the most natural-looking change. Watch as your face literally grows younger!

· Thread lift: This may make you cringe, but New Yorkers swear by it. Small threads are inserted under your chin, they have a special feature that allows them to expand and then draw the skin together around them so that it results in dramatic tightening of the area. Pain is reduced by cooling the area during the insertion and many persons return to their normal routine the very day of the procedure.

Non-invasive procedures are becoming more and more popular as Boomers shy away from going under the knife for ‘non-essential’ surgery. Complications with scarring and the long road to recovery are also major deterrents to having cosmetic surgery. With the busy lives we lead, a procedure that can produce the needed benefit without too much of a setback is perfect! What could be better than firm, youthful skin in a day without the pain of the knife? After all, it’s just the turkey neck we want gone, you’ve still got good use for the rest of your body.

Have you had any of the procedures or thinking of getting one done? Tell us at BoomerYearbook.

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