Karen Turner PHD | Elderly Legal Problems
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Elderly Legal Problems

Elderly Legal Problems

Elderly Problems: Aging Baby Boomers & the Legal System

Elderly Problems: Aging Baby Boomers & the Legal System

Psychological Articles on Elderly Problems

By Boomeryearbook.com

Some legal elderly problems are common to all older adults as they are part and parcel of what we must deal with as we age. Thus, if you are an aging baby boomer or senior citizen you are likely to be facing one or many of the following legal problems:

Private pensions

Obtaining private pensions might involve numerous regulations which baby boomers may well find difficult to pursue. Additionally, insufficient private pensions may add to boomers financial elderly problems especially for an economically challenged baby boomer in need of financial assistance.

Wills and probate

Designing a Will can present problems as it involves complex regulations and difficult legal terms. Engaging an efficient attorney for assistance might prove useful to the baby boomer or older adult who feels overwhelmed or not competent to handle this legal issue.

Guardianship and conservator-ship

Baby boomers and older individuals are unfortunately frequently subjected to the elderly problems of age discrimination, neglect, guardianship complications, and ill or insufficient medical and mental health treatment. The issues related to guardianship are complex and difficult to understand, and may require extensive time and energy if not dealt with properly. One resource the baby boomer or aging senior can use to help with this issue is the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act which can aid in reducing confusion and conflict as well as providing clear guardianship guidelines.

Law related decision-making mechanisms

Many baby boomers and seniors find the laws and regulations of public programs to be overly complex, and may cause elderly problems as this population may not understand the legal system well enough to know their rights in a particular situation. For instance, an elderly problem may be lack of ability to handle one’s appeal without expert help. Legal and bureaucratic jargon can also be very difficult to understand. Additionally, attorneys can be expensive, and legal aid does not always provide the best resources for baby boomers and the elderly problems they face as not all attorneys have sufficient knowledge of this growing population of persons. Therefore it is quite difficult for the boomer or elderly to find an efficient attorney to assist them in law related decision making mechanisms and can pose serious mental and economic elderly problems.

Excessive drug use and health services

Health related issues are a major elderly problem, such as loss of quality and quantity of sleep, heart disease and dozens of other physiological disorders. Boomers are increasing facing the elderly problem of drug misuse and abuse. It therefore is important that baby boomers and seniors are aware and avail themselves of government health benefits and corresponding legal rights.

Problems related to Government Benefits

Retirement places the aging baby boomer in a new economic position and changes occur with relationship to governmental bodies and administrative bureaucracy. Adjusting to this role of dependency fostered by reliance on government benefits can create emotional, legal, and financial elderly problems. Boomers may face problems related to legal entitlement, or the loss of income might lead to a foreclosure or other residential complications which might force the need for government benefits. Baby Boomers and aging seniors need to explore and understand the legal ramifications of government eligibility rules to gain legal benefits and resolve this elderly problem.

As an aging baby boomer you are entitled to community guidance programs to help obtain professional assistance in securing social and governmental benefits, in Will preparation, and other legal issues that can help you avoid or resolve some elderly problems.

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