Karen Turner PHD | Journaling for Elderly Problems
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Journaling for Elderly Problems

Journaling for Elderly Problems

Journaling to Alleviate Elderly Problems

Journaling to Alleviate Elderly Problems

By Boomeryearbook.com

Psychological comparisons for the elderly or for those trying to fight off the effects of elderly problems can be helpful when looking for a program of stimulation.  Physical and mental agility is imperative to combat the uglier symptoms of elderly problems, especially those that affect a person’s ability to function within a family unit or socialize in general.

Boomers are an inquisitive set: not content with sitting around and waiting for extreme old age and elderly problems to remove life’s enjoyments one by one, boomers are more likely to ask WHY they can’t remember to switch off the television, or WHY hands no longer listen to brain when making a three point turn.

To identify some of the problems that might rear their ugly heads in later life, it is sensible to instigate a gentle program of assessment to prevent elderly problems taking too strong a grasp too early in the game. 

Ask yourself whether you can still manage the coordination exercises you played around with in your teens.  No?  Make a note of it.  Do you enter a room and then stand around wondering why?  Write it down and also write down how often.  Make a note of how often in the course of a week you join friends for a game of cards or a fund raising quiz or for a walk in the park.  If your weekly interaction with friends is less than weekly, make a note of it and also make an effort to change things.  Elderly problems sneak up when you least expect them to but there is no need to hold the door open.

When you have finished writing about yourself and making rude remarks in the margins, take an honest look at just how much of your life is spent in actively using your brain and your body to keep yourself young, alert, happy and free of the elderly problems that beset the less vigilant victims of old age.

Stimulation comes in the form of having fun.  The days when you went surfing or hang gliding to perk up your cells might be over but you could always try ballroom dancing, casino evenings and dinner clubs to ward off senility, early dementia and any other nasty old thing you can think of associated with elderly problems and having your life run for you because you are too worn out to run it yourself.

The price of complacency is high for those who are horrified at the thought of elderly problems blighting their lives and turning old age into a death sentence.  There is no need for it and no need for you to sign off on it.  Get your pen and paper and start a program of self comparison.  Make a start.  Make a life.  

The Psychological Article on Journaling for Psychological Comparisons of Elderly Boomers is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of suggestions on coaching and how to alleviate elderly problems. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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