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Marketing for Baby Boomer Women

Marketing for Baby Boomer Women

Dove Pro Age

Dove Pro Age

By Boomeryearbook.com

Many aging boomers, especially the baby boomer women, have been noted as saying that they feel as if they are slowly becoming invisible and fading into life’s background. That is a huge economic mistake as baby boomer women should not be ignored! We are too huge a force and part of the baby boomers generation fueled by mammoth spending power. You’d think advertisers would take note of us, but since our culture stresses the young and beautiful, a significant portion of advertisers, (with some notable astute exceptions), ignore the massive economic power of the baby boomer women. Watch any commercial on television and you’ll hardly ever see a boomer woman, or something made for the boomer woman. Thankfully, Dove and their pro-age campaign (i.e., one of the astute advertising notable exceptions), has came forth and developed an ad campaign that lets baby boomer women know it’s perfectly great to be ourselves, and not pretend or try to become our ‘younger’ versions.

Psychological articles have reported that Dove seems to leading the way as one of the first companies to strive to effectively communicate with older women, and lately, other advertisers and marketers have listened and are beginning to follow the economic signs.

Until very recently, baby boomer women, and even women 40+, were never really recognized in consumer circles. However, with Dove in the vanguard, now companies are changing their demographic focus. Women will soon control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States. Furthermore, baby boomer women are aging, and in the next few years, there will be a 30% increase in the number of people over 60.

Specialized focused marketing groups have been sprouting up to meet the demands of boomer women; mature females with sophisticated needs and tastes who are seeking to make the most of their considerable purchasing power. While marketing to the baby boomer women may be new terrain for some, many companies are stepping up to the demand, learning through trial and error what will please this discriminating group of boomers, and propelled onward by the promise of huge financial rewards. Companies like Dove seem to be big winners, while some other marketers may miss the boat and try to re-use and slightly update old strategies. strong>Baby boomer women will be spending more on consumer goods and services than echo boomers or any of their younger cohorts. Currently at the peak of our earning potential, many boomer women plan on working through retirement years, meaning that baby boomer women will have even greater purchasing power. Additionally, since women statistically outlive men, many baby boomer women will be experience additional financial resources by way of inheritance and pensions, and returns on long term investments.

While the industry may just be waking up to us baby boomer women, I want to stress that I don’t want them to change us, or try to make us conform to ‘young’ norms. We, the under-represented, and yet enormously powerful consumers, will demand tailor perfect baby boomer women products. That’s the opinion of Boomer Yearbook. Come tell us yours.

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