Karen Turner PHD | Migraines and headaches- Pain relief through self- hypnosis
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Migraines and headaches- Pain relief through self- hypnosis

Migraines and headaches- Pain relief through self- hypnosis

Migraines and headaches- Pain relief through self- hypnosis

Migraines and headaches- Pain relief through self- hypnosis

by BoomerYearbook.com

Stress is one the main culprits behind those excruciating migraine pains. We’ve all read or heard that we should avoid stress or take up stress-busting activities to get rid of migraines, but we are also aware of how stealthy stress is, how it manages to creep into our minds, whenever we let our guard down! So, how does one deal with pain, after stress has already completed its dirty job. Popping pain killers is one way, but pain relieving pills come packed with side effects. Therefore a better remedy would be something that is simple, natural, non-invasive and side-effect free, something like self-hypnosis.

How does self hypnosis relieve pain?

Self-hypnosis is a therapy which involves communicating with your subconscious and releasing the deeply stored pain causing negative emotions. The subconscious mind understands the language of visuals and self-hypnosis works by talking in the language of the subconscious.

The following self-hypnosis exercise can help alleviate migraine related pain:

· Sit or lie down in a comfortable position

· Close your eyes

· Take a few deep breaths

· Now focus on your breathing

· Concentrate on every in-breath and out-breath

· After a while you’ll start feeling calmer and lighter

· Now imagine a beam of white light entering your body from the top of your head

· Let this travel to every part of your body

· Feel it cleansing your body of all stored pain and anxiety

· Now Imagine that the white light is leaving your body from the soles of your feet, taking away all your stress and anxiety with it

· By now you will be in an extremely relaxed state

· Now focus on the part of your head which is aching

· Visualize this pain as a big red ball

· Start deep breathing

· Imagine that the ball is shrinking as you exhale

· Feel your pain diminishing with the ball’s size

· Continue with this exercise till the ball disappears

· Along with the ball, your pain will also either vanish or will become far more bearable

Sometimes when one is pain it may be difficult to focus on getting better or visualization, therefore it’s a good idea to record your voice on a tape, read out the steps listed above as instructions and make sure you give an adequate time spacing of at least 2-3 minutes between each step.

The first few times this self-hypnosis exercise may not be able to make your pain disappear completely, but you will start getting better results with practice.

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