Karen Turner PHD | Online Optical Illusion: Hermann Grid
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Online Optical Illusion: Hermann Grid

Online Optical Illusion: Hermann Grid

By Boomeryearbook.com

Contrast is an important element that contributes to the formation of online optical illusions. The Hermann Grid is one of the most popular optical illusions that is based on the element of contrast. In the Hermann Grid, the effect of contrast produces an illusion of a new color apart from the original colors forming the grid.

Look at this online optical illusion and try to count the number of colors in the grid. How many colors do you see? You will see two colors distinctly; white and black. Do you also see gray colors at each of the intersections?

Now focus your sight at each intersection. Do you still see the gray colors? Surprisingly, the gray colors have vanished. The gray colors that appear at the intersections are not really present there. They are actually illusions.

What is the Scientific Reason of Hermann Grid online optical illusion?

The gray colors in this online optical illusion are due to the adjustment of brightness of an image on the eye’s retinal cells. The near-center of the retina has the highest resolution vision while the periphery has lower resolution vision. In the periphery of the retina, the brightness of the image is reduced significantly producing the graying effect in online optical illusions.

Explaining Hermann Grid Online Optical Illusion

In the Hermann Grid online optical illusion, when you focus your sight exactly at the intersections, the image falls at the near-center of the retina. Hence, you see the exact color, which is white. You also see the white colors between the black squares as exactly the same because the brightness is balanced between the white and the black areas. However, when you do not look at the intersections, but at the image as a whole, (the Gestalt of the image) the image of the intersections fall to the periphery of the eye’s retina. This results in a decrease in the brightness of the area. Hence, you see gray colors at the intersections in this online optical illusion. Fascinating, isn’t it?

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