Karen Turner PHD | Online Optical Illusion: The Hidden Image
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Online Optical Illusion: The Hidden Image

Online Optical Illusion: The Hidden Image

By Boomeryearbook.com

Online optical illusion tricks are ever evolving with the quick succession of new and amazing images. The creators of these online optical illusions use various visual features to make an impact on the audience. In any of the online optical illusion tricks, you will find the ploy of contrast, color, depth, brightness, or position to provide the desire effect.

Online Optical Illsusions

Online Optical Illsusions

The given figure illustrates a very popular online optical illusion.

What do you see in this online optical illusion?

At first sight, you will see some black and white spots on a black background. If you are enterprising and really trying, you may also see the outline of a human head. However, can you exactly describe what the image is all about? Let’s perform a simple exercise to find out.

1. Concentrate on the black spots in the middle for 30-40 seconds.
2. Then fix your vision on a smooth surface, preferably white surface. You find a circle of light develops around your vision.
3. Blink your eyes a couple of time to see an image emerging.

What do you see? Rather, whom do you see?

Try out the steps to find an amazing image appearing from seemingly nowhere!

In this online optical illusion, ‘contrast of brightness’ or irradiation, is the optical feature that is creating the trick. Psychological articles suggest that the effect of irradiation, when factors of contrasts in brightness make the apparent enlargement of a bright object when viewed against a dark background, plays an important role in forming online optical illusions.

In the current online optical illusion, the visual excitation is spread over the border of the retina rapidly beyond the border of the stimulated region. With the impact of the stimulating light, the hidden image in this online optical illusion appears; therefore the contrast between dark and light, when juxtaposed next to each other, intensified the visual effect. (http://www.visualillusion.net/Chap08/Page01.php)

Creators of online optical illusions can use ‘contrast’ as it has a great effect in playing tricks on the audiences eyes. You can find the role of ‘contrast’ in many online optical illusions, including both monochromatic and polychromatic pictures. The more online optical illusions you view, the easier it becomes to see the effect. So, we at Boomer Yearbook hope you will take the time and enjoy our online optical illusions and expanlations.

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