Karen Turner PHD | Sex and the Single Baby Boomer
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Sex and the Single Baby Boomer

Sex and the Single Baby Boomer

Sex and the Single Boomer

Sex and the Single Boomer


Baby boomers were the pioneers of sexual freedom in the sixties; the flag bearers of free love and peace and the promoters of sexual enjoyment for everyone. Sexual confidence in abundance was the order of the day back then and most baby boomers embraced their new sexual freedom with considerable enthusiasm.

Baby boomers are now entering middle age; some are already into their sixties and seventies and sexual emancipation is no longer something shocking but rather it is rightly accepted as normal behavior for most intelligent and socially enlightened members of the community.

Later life brings emotional turmoil as friends and lovers begin to develop a frailty that is not consistent with a rampant sex life. Some baby boomers continue to enjoy a healthy sexual and emotional relationship with their chosen partners but for singles it can be a little more complicated.

Single life in middle age is somewhat different to being single in your early twenties and thirties. For men and women with financial stability following a lifetime of hard work and saving for a pension and security, there is a real risk of being exploited financially by a younger sexual partner.

People with strong family commitments and an affectionate bond with children and grandchildren can run into difficulty when trying to conduct a healthy sex life alongside traditional family values. Grandad is not supposed to have sexual feelings and if he does he is expected to keep them securely under wraps and out of sight of the kids and neighbors! Otherwise he runs the risk of being ‘labelled’.

A single existence in later life prompts a barrage of invitations from well intentioned match makers to ‘fix’ a situation that might actually be perfectly acceptable. A man or woman who has enjoyed a lifetime relationship with a wife or husband now deceased might be quite content to enjoy a single life once the pain of grief has abated sufficiently to pursue some social interaction. A determined match maker can cause havoc in the life of a happy and well balanced single baby boomer.

The social opportunities for aging boomers and elderly single people are now so varied it is impossible not to find hobbies and entertainments if one is so inclined. The days when the elderly were expected to sit quietly in the rocking chair on the porch are long gone to be replaced by club outings, fine dining, day trips, sight seeing expeditions and dancing lessons. Everyone is paid attention to; nobody is sidelined in a social scene that caters for every interest and social events are even categorized in the local papers to exactly pinpoint race, religion, age group, dietary requirements, and sexual preferences.

There is absolutely no excuse for a lonely existence for single baby boomers in later life: the social choices are wide and varied enough to cover every taste and preference, from square dancing to golf. Finding a companion to share your interests might present something more of a challenge – almost as much of a challenge as fighting to stay single!

The Psychological Article on Sex and the Single Baby Boomer is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of baby boomers psychological coaching tips and how to alleviate elderly problems. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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