Karen Turner PHD | Smaller Homes for the Retirement Baby Boomers Generation
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Smaller Homes for the Retirement Baby Boomers Generation

Smaller Homes for the Retirement Baby Boomers Generation

Retirement Boomers Downsizing

Retirement Boomers Downsizing

Elderly Problems Resolved

By Boomeryearbook.com

There are more baby boomers alive today (78 million in the US alone) than any other people of a specific age demographic. As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age (as of 2006 most boomers have passed the age of 60) and the lifestyle of the boomer generation changes, many will also be changing the type of house they live in. Psychological articles and statistics have shown that contrary to popular belief, the aging baby boomers are switching to smaller homes, and not splurging all their savings on showy McMansions. Choosing the right kind of retirement plan is fast becoming a primary addition to the elderly problems facing thebaby boomer generation; and the baby boomers generation is choosing to downsize.

Psychological articles and statistics commonly report the baby boomer generation is a relatively fortunate, prosperous, largely ‘middle class’ (or higher) group of people. Many of us recognize that we probably own many more and bigger “things” (houses, clothes, TV’s etc.) than we need to. These psychological articles explain that as humans we are constantly striving for more, and oftentimes will go to great lengths to achieve higher goals. Big houses used to top the list of the retirement boomersdesired possessions, but that’s changing because boomers are starting to accept that all they’ll do with a big house is find more “stuff” to fill it up with.

In numerous polls reported in psychological articles, almost two thirds of people said they preferred a smaller house with high quality products; and like prior times, the baby boomer generation are in the vanguard. While psychological articles report that change may not be easy, the retirement boomers facing elderly problems are the largest proponents of home downsizing. As the younger boomer generation sends their children off to college, we are squarely facing the reality of a huge home with an “empty nest. While the picture painted might seem melancholy, (psychological articles tell us as we age it gets harder to maintain big things), another one in the long list of elderly problems is not accepting that soon there may come a time when you can’t do things as well as you did 20 years ago. So what are doing; we are proactively preparing ourselves by downsizing. What a resilient group we retirement boomers are!

The baby boomer generation is facing elderly problems head on; finding small retirement homes not because we haven’t saved enough-although savings in America are the lowest they’ve been since the Great Depression-but it’s because small homes are easy to maintain and still suit the needs of the aging boomer generation. Smaller homes have greater benefits. The the baby boomer generation is spending and investing more in their “smaller” home; but by buying wisely, and selecting choice home décor and style pieces, the boomers retirement dwelling can be just as comfortable and luxurious as their former large homes. That’s why psychological articles report that smart retirement boomerselderly problems by buying smaller houses. It’s definitely the smart way to go.

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