Karen Turner PHD | Strangers in Your Dreams
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Strangers in Your Dreams

Strangers in Your Dreams

Dream Strangers: Memories of Today or Past Lives?

Dream Strangers: Memories of Today or Past Lives?

By Boomeryearbook.com

It can be a disquieting thought to to think that you can dream of someone that you’ve never in your life met. But if you are out in public and in a cab, let’s say, someone has to be the cab driver. It may be that the focus of your dream is on something or someone else so your mind conjures up some complete stranger with a face you’ve never seen before.

Some people claim that there is no such thing as dreaming about a stranger—that somewhere, somehow we have seen that person somewhere before in our waking lives. These people claim that there is such a vast majority of faces on this earth that is impossible to remember every face we’ve ever seen, but somehow the mind does. There are examples of people describing their dreams of supposed strangers only to find out that it was actually someone that had seen once or more in their past. You can find some of these examples by doing a search on the web.

Yet, another strange theory—or maybe not so strange if you believe in that kind of thing—is that the strangers in your dreams are not strangers at all, but in fact, people that you knew from a past life. This theory says that if you have been reincarnated, you can still dream about or recognize people from a former life in your dreams.

What is your take on this? Have you ever experienced a dream similar to the ones described above? Do you even have your own theories as to why you dream of a complete stranger? Do you believe that the mind can create a totally new human face out of nothing? We at Boomer Yearbook believe anything is possible when it comes to our dreaming minds.

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