Karen Turner PHD | Successful Aging for the Baby Boomers Generation
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Successful Aging for the Baby Boomers Generation

Successful Aging for the Baby Boomers Generation

The Baby Boomers Generation Aging Gracefully

The Baby Boomers Generation Aging Gracefully

By Boomeryearbook.com

The baby boomers generation is a unique group of people with our own singular ideals and idiosyncrasies. We are a very different lot from any other generation. Every facet of our lives be it career, home, or our sweet time, is marked by our unique characteristics. The ultimate goal of every boomer is to ‘gracefully’ age at home in a successful manner. We have led very busy lives and especially in our younger years, our demanding lifestyles have often encroached upon our leisure time.

Who doesn’t want to age in a graceful manner? Same is true for the baby boomers generation. However, like every generation of aging people, we are also vulnerable to diseases and medical conditions leading to mortality. What makes the baby boomers generation special is their firmness in the face of adversity and as such we are going to try our best to prevent the adverse effects of aging by indulging in routine exercise regimes and treatments for anti-aging. We will most probably even go to extremes to find alternative health treatments to help us curb the trappings of aging.

The distinctive character traits of the baby boomers generation will be an important factor in enabling us to successfully age at home. Being responsible for a large number of breakthroughs in medical science, the baby boomers generation will be reaping the benefits of these advancements including those made in the field of successful and hearty aging. The boomer generation is very health conscious and truly believes in the virtues of regular exercise and healthy eating habits. In our quest to age in a graceful manner, we are very vigilant in taking the steps necessary for maintaining our health. As a result, the baby boomers are considered the most active generation as compared to previous ones, and numerous medical and psychological articles believe we are going to enjoy a longer life expectancy.

The baby boomers generation have always been very active participants in community and self-help programs. To age successfully is important to the baby boomers generation as it assists us in staying mentally, physically, and socially active. As long as we can avail ourselves of personal or financial assistance when/if needed, we look forward to a process of independent aging; remaining in our homes and close to the community groups and activities we enjoy and support.

Being very open-minded to advancement in all walks of life, it comes as no surprise that boomers enjoy using computers and all sorts of high-tech gadgets. As such, we are and will continue to be comfortable making use of technological breakthroughs that will help us to successfully age at home. An example of this is the popularity of Wii’s among the baby boomers generation who are buying Wii’s and demanding more tech gadgets to maximum home entertainment.

An essential characteristic of the boomers is their rejection of authority. This has resulted in a marked effect on their retirement. A large number of us have been forced into age related retirement. But, this has not dampened the spirits of the baby boomers generation as we have moved on to setting up businesses and other careers; putting our knowledge, experience and skill to optimum use. Thus, we have enabled ourselves to age in a well-designed manner without compromising on productivity. Dormant is not a word the baby boomers relate to and we are taking every measure to ensure we don’t go quietly off into uselessness.

Are you one of the baby boomers generation who has made a successful retirement or life stage change? Come join thousands of others at Boomer Yearbook and let us know.

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