Karen Turner PHD | The Human Eye and Online Optical Illusions
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The Human Eye and Online Optical Illusions

The Human Eye and Online Optical Illusions

Rotating Water Online Optical Illusion

Rotating Water Online Optical Illusion

A Psychological Article By Boomeryearbook.com

A plethora of optical illusion tricks are available on the Web. These online optical illusions are a source of entertainment and challenge for many. One important aspect of online optical illusions is that the medium is so versatile; and can thus be subjected to pictorial manipulation of colors, shading, and dimensions.

An important element of the optical illusions is that it tricks the human eye. The same goes for online optical illusions. The human eye is a wonderful optical instrument. It acts as a link between the visual reality and human perception. However, it is far from ideal. It has various visual defects resulting in optical (i.e., visual) illusions. Two of the scientifically proven defects are spherical aberration and chromatic aberration.

Spherical Aberration-a cause of online optical illusion

Any spherical mirror has aberrations. That is, the light rays passing through a spherical lens do not focus at the same point, as ideally, it should. The rays striking the edges and the rays striking the near-center of the lens focus at different points. Thus, psychological articles inform us that just as any other spherical lens, the human eye also has spherical aberrations. This defect contributes a lot in forming optical illusions. When it comes to online optical illusions, the dynamics of the medium enables the creation of large ranges of illusions based on this defect.

Chromatic Aberration-a cause of online optical illusion

Chromatic aberration is another defect in the optical system that contributes to optical illusions, including online optical illusions. The white ray of light comprised of different rays of light with different wavelengths results in differences in focal points. Therefore, when the light rays from a source pass through the eye lens, they focus on different points causing optical illusions; and color and shading effects can be greatly enhanced on the web in online optical illusions. This feature helps in creating a wide range of online optical illusions that give a maximum illusory effect.

Optical illusions have been a source of entertainment, challenge, and amazement for many years. Online optical illusions have lifted optical illusions to another level. With the wide range applications available on the Web, it has become much easier to create online optical illusions in large numbers and various forms.

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