Karen Turner PHD | The Spinning Girl Illusion
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The Spinning Girl Illusion

The Spinning Girl Illusion

Right Brain Left Brain or a Whole Brain Genius
By Boomeryearbook.com

Would you consider yourself “left brained” or “right brained”, analytic and detail oriented or artistic, using spatial perception? There are many tests used to try and discover a person’s dominant hemishpere. Visual illusions are one of the popular tests used to tell how our brain processes visual information. This illusion is called the spinning girl illusion and the trick is to discern in what direction she is spinning, clockwise or counter clockwise.
The Test (click picture to see)
When first looking at the illusion many have said that it looks as if the girl is spinning counter clockwise, however after observing more it then looks like she is spinning counter clockwise. It is even possible to see her spinning in both directions. (Try it!) One minute you see her spinning clockwise and in a split second it looks counter clockwise. In actuality, the girl is not spinning in a specific direction. The picture is really a two-dimensional image shifting back and forth! Our brains interpret the world as three dimensional and so our visual processing immediately interprets this image as such.
The Debate
This test, along with many other, claim to be able to tell whether you are left brained or right brained. The two terms refer to which hemishpere of your brain is dominant. Someone could be considered “right brained” if they use symbols and images more to represent things, take risks, are philosophical, and use their imagination in every aspect of life. Someone who is considered “left brained” is very detail and fact oriented, strategic, practical, and safe.
The debate of whether or not someone can be considered solely left or right brained has been around many years. Neurologists have concluded that it is not so. Yes, we do have two brain hemispheres that are capable of working independently of each other. They can, also, specialize in different abilities, but they work together as a whole for you to function optimally. It, therefore, would not be accurate to say that someone’s personality or abilties is due to the fact that they are “more” of one hemishpere than the other.
The Final Answer
Optical illusions such as this one are fun, entertaining, and great to send to friends; however, they are not accurate portrayal of hemishperic dominance. Neither can they give you a personalilty profile. If you really want to find out which hemispere you use the most just think about your everyday life and how you function. All you need is a list of what each hemisphere specializes in and you can figure it out yourself! Have fun!

Interesting, isn’t it? So, which way do you see her spin? For all those who want to learn the trick of how to make her go in whatever direction you want, sign onto Boomeryearbook and ask Dr. Karen to show you how.

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