Karen Turner PHD | What Kind of Brain Do Have? Let the Spinning Girl Tell You
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What Kind of Brain Do Have? Let the Spinning Girl Tell You

What Kind of Brain Do Have? Let the Spinning Girl Tell You

Spinning Girl Genius Test

Spinning Girl Genius Test

Are You Right On or Left Out?

By Boomeryearbook.com

Okay, there is this little trick, an optical illusion as it is called, known as “The Spinning Girl.” The first thing that may come to your mind when you hear about “The Spinning Girl” is a lurid vision of a scantily-clad pole dancer or the newly-crowned champion on the Polish version of “Dancing with the Stars.” But, no. She is a well-sculptured image of a full-body female silhouette who is spinning around on one foot. What’s the big deal? you might ask. Well, there’s not one. It is an optical illusion, not a cure for cancer or the solution for peace in the Middle East. But she is quite the center of many a conversation. Let’s see just why that is, shall we?

Take a gander at our little animated friend and decide what you see: is she spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? Can you see her spinning in either direction at will? Or, try as you might, can you not change her direction with your mind’s eye, regardless of whatever direction you see her spinning? There are theories regarding the direction your mind sees in The Spinning Girl’s rotation. Those who see a clockwise rotation are said to be “right brain” folks. Right-brainers are the artsy folks who let their feelings get in the way of good, sound judgment. Those who see a counter-clockwise rotation are “left brainers”. The left-brain group is filled with logical rule followers who just need to let their hair down every once in a while. And what if you can see her spinning in either direction? Are you a math whiz who lives on the edge by daring to use a PEN to factor equations? (Of course, you might even wonder if the blood flows in opposite directions in the different hemispheres when it drains downward.) What has been determined by the naked girl silhouette experts is that the right brainers are spur-of-the-moment adventurous individuals who may not give a hoot about what the rules are, while the left brainers write down the rules in bulleted lists and laminate them for future reference when they are challenged by the right brainers. ‘Just do it’ versus ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’, you might say.

So what does all this left brain versus right brain psychological jargon tell us? It tells us that we are willing to stare at a fictitious naked lady spinning in midair to figure out what we probably already knew about ourselves. Most of us know if we like jumping out of airplanes or working Sudoku puzzles. But, the appeal of comparing ourselves to others is too tempting to pass up. What do we do with the information we gather from this little experiment anyway? Do what you want to with it. A great suggestion is to seek out other optical illusions and mind games to test yourself further and see if they confirm or refute the results of one another.

For other optical illusions and brain boosters, visit the Games section on boomeryearbook.com. Maybe you can find your opposite brain buddy while discussing which way The Spinning Girl rotates! And if you invite Dr. Karen to be your friend she can teach you the trick of how to make Spinning Girl rotate in any direction. Yes, Virginia, there really is a way to make her turn at will .

www.boomeryearbook.com is a social networking site connecting the Baby Boomer generation. Share your thoughts, rediscover old friends, or expand your mind with brain games provided by clinical psychologist, Dr. Karen Turner. Join today to discover the many ways we are helping Boomers connect for fun and profit.



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