Karen Turner PHD | Why Whine, let’s make Wine!
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Why Whine, let’s make Wine!

Why Whine, let’s make Wine!

Why Whine, let’s make Wine!

You have a party coming up, and don’t want it to be the same old run-of-the-mill stuff. You want to have something unique, but don’t know what!

Why whine? Let’s make wine! Boomer Yearbook will tell you the quickest and easiest recipe of making your own wine, right here right now. If you observe, all these ingredients are easily available at your store.

1. Extract the Flavor – Take the fruits / berries you’d like to make wine from, and chop and mince them finely. Add Sugar, Water and crushed Campden tablets. Set them in a jar, and leave for about 10 hours. Then add pectic enzyme and stir well. Refrigerate the mixture for about 48 hours. Let the mixture come to room temperature. Add acids – available in the market as crystalline Citric, Mallic and Tartaric packs. Choose the taste you want to give your wine and add the crystals according to that; and then introduce the yeast (as a starter solution). Leave the liquid covered for a week, preferably at a temperature of about 75 F.

2. Once the week is done, strain off the liquid from the pulp, and place it in a second jug. Then leave the pulp to ferment again (you will know that the fermentation is done when the bubbling ceases). This might take a few weeks, and is best done at around 60F.

3. Once the fermentation ceases, siphon off the liquid once more, and blend with the earlier liquid. Repeat the process once more, and let the pulp ferment for some more time.

4. Once the fermentation is complete, siphon the liquid into bottles, cork them and leave them standing for 3-4 days. Then put them on their side and let them age for the time you have in hand. Professional wine makers suggest atleast six months for white wine and over a year for red.

But then, we are not professional wine makers, right? All we are looking to do is make our party extra special, and what better way than making your own wine? Don’t worry about the nitty-gritty’s. Everything will be fine, and people will love your special touch. Have another recipe? Share it with your online friends at www.boomeryearbook.com.

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