Karen Turner PHD | Wine and Food – The ‘Can’t Fail’ guide
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Wine and Food – The ‘Can’t Fail’ guide

Wine and Food – The ‘Can’t Fail’ guide

Wine and Food – The ‘Can’t Fail’ guide

Wine and Food – The ‘Can’t Fail’ guide

One of the most terrifying things in life is to set a menu!

Though we’ve been gourmands for over 50 years now, we still dread the experience of setting a menu for a party or a dinner. Even more terrifying is a wedding! That is the reason why a lot of weddings go to wedding planners – to make sure that the food and beverage are a hit with the guests.

So, we traveled the length and breadth of the country to find out what are the ‘Can’t Fail’ combinations of food and wine vintages, so that you can go ahead and have a great party!

ü If you are serving white meat – Chicken, Seafood and the like, or Eggs, Salads and Vegetables, you need to have a white wine that goes along, and there can be none better than the Sauvignon Blanc. If a good vintage is not available or seems too costly, try the Pinot Gris. These juicy and flavorful wines go very well with the white dishes.

ü How can a party be a success without red meat – especially the big juicy steaks and the other hearty meats? For them, the best pick would be a Cabernet Sauvignon – which happens to be America’s most favorite red wine. You will get excellent Napa Valley Sauvignons at around 12-15$ per bottle.

ü Pork, Tuna, Salmon and Sirloin need a dry Rose, and you will get great Roses either from our own vineyards or from Provence, France.

ü If you are serving Hors d’oeuvres, you need a sparkly to go along. If Champagne is too costly, or is too run of the mill, consider Italian Prosecco or the sparkling Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Australia.

ü While serving a sparkling wine with wedding cake, don’t pick a Brut. Instead, pick a demi-sec, which comes with about 3-4% sugar. The sweetness will complement the cake.

Many of our families have ‘dynasty favorites’, which have been handed down from earlier generations. These are time tested and will always be great; but the next time you are looking to host a party, try the above combinations and do let your boomeryearbook.com friends know how they went.

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