Karen Turner PHD | Wine Tasting Tours
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Wine Tasting Tours

Wine Tasting Tours

Wine Tasting Tours

Wine Tasting Tours

There is one major advantage of being boomers. We have ensured that travel is an integral part of our lives. It is not an exaggeration to say that weekends are the most important part of our lives. Not just weekends, but our annual vacations and all trips too.

The word ‘Concept tours’ started with our generation and who knows, in the future, concept tours might even go up to a moon colony!

But for now, it is wine tasting tours that we will talk about. Over the last few articles, we have talked about various aspects of wine in our lives. In this set of articles, we would be doing gross injustice if we don’t mention wine tasting tours. One of the most happening tourist destinations in the country is Martha’s Vineyards, an island off the east coast. And ever since the Paris wine tasting festival of 1976, Napa Valley guided tours are the ultimate rages for foreigners visiting the country.

For a lot of people in our generation, we’ve had family favorite wines, and it is a dream for a lot of us to visit and see first hand the vineyard and the way the wine is actually made. Since most of the world famous vintners are located in and around France, a trip down the Alsace or the Burgundy region certainly counts among the best holidays one can have.

If you’ve read Floyd’s autobiography, or watched his show on Travel & Living, you will certainly aspire to have a wine holiday like that one. And the tours are not just restricted to France either. You can now go on a wine tasting tour anywhere from Turkey to Greece to Australia to New Zealand to South Africa.

But if you’ve not been on one, try out the daily Napa Valley wine tasting tour right here in California. You will certainly love it. And your friends at www.boomeryearbook.com would love to hear about it.

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